As a production agency

we offer brands innovative and exciting ways to deploy top-level brand video.


Part of what separates us from traditional production companies is our focus on making sure that every video we produce is implemented effectively and measurably. As a video production agency, we want the brands we work with to not only connect with a countless number of viewers but to convert those viewers, and experience dramatic growth in revenues, open new offices, enter new markets, and accomplish what they set out to do. At VES Creative, we believe implementation to the path to return on your investment in creativity.

While the scope of implementation scales greatly from brand to brand, the possibilities (and the results they lead to) are new, exciting, and endless. For each campaign, we set an implementation strategy in Phase I and guide the execution of it in Phase III.



We understand the needs of innovative, fast-moving brands. The website needs to be refreshed, the logo sharpened, and a major event is arriving faster than you’re prepared for. Great content needs to be reflected across your entire brand.

The VES CREATIVE microsite is an immersive interactive platform for video conversion.

Think of the Microsite as a quickly deployed platform for incredible video content that sits in between a YouTube channel and your full website. We’ve implemented these single-page, full screen websites as sales enablement tools for event follow-up, targeted marketing campaigns, and even as temporary websites while the full site is under construction.

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We capture, and captivate. We’re not creating disposable content. Brands that target a limited number of high-value prospects have benefited greatly from video brochures: the most retained method of direct mail advertising.

Video brochures are direct mail advertising with a video screen.

We’ve seen conversions rise from 30% to 70% based on implementation of video though brochures. It is a piece of marketing collateral that doesn’t get tossed aside; for one campaign we worked with, recipients kept the brochures for over a year after receiving them! For brands that seek innovative ways to capture an audience, video brochures have proven to be far more effective than traditional methods and have helped our clients reach and capture an exclusive audience


Video Brochures can be loaded with multiple videos. Buttons on the brochure are pressed by the viewer to load different videos.


Video Brochures have an internal battery that lasts for several months and can be recharged via included USB cable.


Video Brochures can be reloaded with new and updated video content without requiring a reprint. It’s as easy as loading new videos onto a flash drive.

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We developed this player as a way for brands to provide viewers with any direct call to action after seeing our video. This is crucial to directly measuring conversions for video and capturing the audience directly after they have engaged with your brand.

The call to action player is a direct response online video player

By presenting a direct, measurable call to action at the end of the video: a contact form, a download link, a registration form, whatever you need, our Call to Action player helps provide a greater and more measurable return on investment in creative. Think of it as a completely brandable skin for online YouTube and Vimeo videos that have unlimited possibilities for implementation. As consumer platforms, YouTube and Vimeo are important for social presence and SEO, yet they aren’t built for brands first. As a production agency, we identified this need and developed this player to help our clients better implement the videos we produce.


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