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Dec 04 2016


Timeshare Pro Plus+ is a Florida software development company that saw a great need within their industry. So many timeshare managers, resort managers, owners and operators, and real estate professionals were using 1970s technologies like fax machines and phones for timeshare operations, rather than modern technologies like cloud-based software.

The greatest challenge facing the TPP+ sales team was not only helping prospects understand how to solve these problems, but to even get the prospects to understand that these problems (and solutions) existed in the first place. We needed to develop a sales tool that would be able to reach prospects at multiple stages of the buying process- from inquiry to more information to finally, closing the deal.



To overcome these challenges, we developed three directions of short videos: animated explainers, instructional narratives, and a brand film. The animated explainers offered TPP+ a way to quickly explain the benefits of their services through a short kinetic animation. Instructional narratives were produced for prospects much deeper down the sales conversion funnel and featured a narrator detailing specific information on how each service worked on the back end of the software. Finally, the JiffyDocs brand film on secure information allowed TPP+ to elevate the overall level of their brand to those just looking in to the very top of the conversion funnel.



Beyond implementation of the video on the TPP+ website and online portals, the videos were placed in several areas that generated impressive results and awareness for the services. Several instructional videos were published in a digital trade magazine and playable directly from the issue. In addition, videos became a part of the trade show success for each TPP+ service

“They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Our videos dramatize the applicability and easy-to-use aspects of our software for clients in an entertaining way, helping us present our product like the 21st Century creation it is. We are even embedding one of the videos into our advertising in Resort Trades magazine. Take a look at our ad at the top of page 35..”
– Vice President Dave Heine