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Dec 04 2016


The key challenges SVHS faces are common to many fundraising organizations: a majority of the funds come from a minority of older donors. It is increasingly difficult to convince people to donate money or even time to reconnect with their school. Out of all organizations vying for time and money, why exactly should people donate to you? The answers to that question help define the brand video we produced to help position Saint Viator as a unique value to their community.



For parents, alumni, and benefactors of SVHS, we worked extensively with the fundraising department to understand the emotional connection our audience has to not only the school as a physical building and memory, but to the experience, the mission, and the community. To connect with this audience, we needed to build from specific questions that would bring out emotion. “How much is your child’s well-being worth to you?”, “What does it mean to be a Lion not for four years but for life?”, or “Who have you reconnected with after years apart?” become a series of videos that unlock the potential to connect with an even wider audience.



Through the campaign, Saint Viator achieved significant gains in event attendance (66% and 250% over previous years) alongside over 50,000 video viewers within only days on their main website. In addition, their videos have generated significant social traction, including reaching over 10,000 impressions on Facebook and locally trending hashtags.