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Dec 04 2016


EO Chicago is an member and event driven organization that requires strong participation from its membership to thrive. The incoming president for the group felt EO Chicago needed to reinvent itself and innovate to become more relevant and valuable to the audience. EO Chicago is an entrepreneurial organization offering pre-qualified members an exclusive opportunity to participate in high-value learning experiences through the year. Each experience is designed to help them grow personally and professionally. There is supplementary value in relationships and associations made in interactions between members.

Being that the most valuable asset for our entrepreneurial audience is time, we knew that we needed to craft a presentation reflecting the value of EO that was both so impressive, succinct, and meaningful.



We knew that the content of our strategy needed to reflect the drive, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit of the EO audience. Our research discovered that many entrepreneurial or learning groups showcase speakers and events, but none communicate the message in the context of WHY these events are so important to the entrepreneur. We needed to produce both showcase content and supporting videos that communicate the ethos of the organization in a way that inspires each member to prioritize requests for their time.

In addition, we came up with the concept of delivering the videos through a branded video brochures sent to all EO members. For those looking to reach a limited number of high-value prospects, video brochures are one of the most impressive ways to reach them. Unlike traditional printed direct mail, they feel valuable and do not get tossed aside like traditional direct mail or email marketing.



Following delivery of the video brochure, EO Chicago’s 70% membership renewal goal, previously considered lofty, skyrocketed to a greater than 90% member renewal rate; and the 2015 – 2016 annual event calendar launch event attracted more than 70% of the chapter’s members, smashing the previous two year’s attendance figures.

The video brochure itself was a massive success beyond just the initial mailing. Individual EO Chicago members that we met with more than a year later still not only remembered the mailer and its message but still had the video brochure in their possession.