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Dec 04 2016


Enterprise Recovery Systems, Inc. is a debt recovery agency developing innovative new management solutions for primarily the higher education industry. These solutions leverage the systems ERS has built over several decades of work to include contact center management, accounts receivable management, and other services that are traditionally not offered by debt recovery agencies. The marketing challenge for ERS was to clearly and coherently explain how these new services offered tremendous value for both existing and new accounts.



We developed a series of short explainer animations videos for ERS that broke each audience down by the specific problem they were facing that ERS could solve. Each of the videos was created with a hand-drawn animation style that reflects the desire of ERS to always sketch out new services and solutions for the higher education industry. We composed original music for each of the animations that reflected both the newborn characteristics of the services as well as representing the ERS brand as thoughtful and pristine.



Implemented primarily through their national sales team, ERS experienced an incremental sales lift of 14%. Videos were additionally shown at their national sales conference to help coordinate all sales agents around their new services and implemented throughout email signatures for every employee interacting with accounts or prospects to generate new impressions and clicks for the video series.