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Dec 04 2016


Water Tower Dental Care is one of countless dentists within the River North/Streeterville neighborhoods in Chicago. With so many options to choose from, how does a dental practice separate themselves from perceived competition right down the hall, much less stand out in a chorus of hundreds? Not only must a practice create innovative new value to patients, but it must be communicated in a way that is thoroughly unique to the business. So many dentists pride themselves on their service, technology, and patient education, so we created a visual concept that ties these together to represent an exemplary experience for the patient.



To overcome these challenges, we worked with WTDC to showcase their methodology, technology, office, and location to our ideal customer in both 60 and 30 second videos for online media. We began by identifying the most profitable customer and zip codes based on patient data reports, and scripting the commercial to best connect with that customer persona while covering all of the unique values offered by their service.

For implementation, we worked with WTDC’s existing marketing agency and Marketing Partnerships International in Chicago to ensure the commercial would be engaged with by their target demographic though an online media buy. This strategy uses multiple layers of targeting (age, location, income, personal interests, purchase history) to reach audiences through multiple channels of online pre-roll advertising such as YouTube, ESPN video, CNN, etc. Because we knew that we have 2-3 seconds to capture an impression, we scripted the video to specifically begin with an aerial shot of the neighborhood where our audience lives and works to maximize the possibility that they will continue to watch and ultimately engage.



Beyond implementation of the video on the WTDC website, the media campaign for the video generated impressive reach and engagement online. In just the first three weeks, some of the highlights of the campaign include almost 72,000 engagements within our target audience and over 700 clicks (highly qualified interest sent to the WTDC website). In addition, the 60 second video was fully completed by 20% of all Facebook ad impressions- almost double the average Facebook ad completion rate of 11%.