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Dec 02 2016


Avant Communications is one of the fastest growing companies in Chicago. As a sales enablement platform, they are changing how next generation IT services are delivered to individual agents. Because of their rapid growth, our challenge was to create content around their major keynote events that brand them as well-established brand showing a level of understanding and empathy far beyond the level of traditional master agents they seek to disrupt.



To create this ethos, we worked together to brand Avant around the proposition of “This is your moment for greatness”. This proposition encapsulates the unique, disruptive difference between Avant Communications and others. The ultimate idea we came up with was to create a compelling brand character who represents our audience: hardworking, ambitious, with big dreams, aware of new technology but hesitant to adopt it for their clients without a partner to help them. This character became the centerpiece through which the brand proposition of Avant Communications would launch: through videos as well as video invites to their major events throughout the year.



“VES Creative was the firm to match our expectations and create the product we wanted.”
– President Drew Lydecker

Beyond response to the quality and buzz generated at the invitation and event itself, the follow-up video was implemented on a single page microsite sent out to both attendees and those who were unable to attend. In particular, the highly-engaging content we produced led to a video completion rate of over 55%- well over the industry standard of 20%.

In addition, sponsorships (a key component for both spectacular events and the Avant business model) for the following year’s event rose by 33%, ensuring both a more valuable service offering and a wider scope of reach for a rapidly growing company.

To this day, Avant continues to work with us to produce video for their brand several times per year.