Video Brochures

The most effective and innovative form of marketing collateral


We use innovative technology to help clients reach, connect, and grow through high value prospects using video. Video brochures and mailers are incredible marketing assets that can be produced and delivered in less than four weeks and with a limited budget. The A5 unit is the standard fully-branded video brochure that fits up to 4 minutes of video and can be ordered in quantities as little as 10 brochures.

We have seen incredible returns and up to 98% engagement with video mailers. They are designed to use video to influence the specific people, businesses, or donors that have the potential to lead you to exponential growth.

“Results That Matter is an Advanced Events company philosophy, and the video mailer was exactly the campaign engancement we needed for a client looking to make a significant impact to a seasoned audience in a short amount of time.”

Rachel Y Nielsen, CMP

Advanced Events Founder & President

Our clients have used video brochures for

Event engagements
  • Event invitations to VIP guests
  • Follow-ups for guests
  • Takeaways from events
  • Personal thank-yous
  • And more
Marketing & Sales
  • High-value list targeting
  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Price proposals
  • Sales collateral
  • Investor pitches
  • Company acquisitions
  • High-value donors via direct mail
  • Personalized asks
  • Fundraising events and dinners
  • Event takeaways
  • And more
  • Standard

    5 inch screen, USB port, 4C printing, 128MB (4 minutes of video), buttons to play different videos. Can be ordered in quantities as low as 10.

    starting around $25/unit

  • Custom

    Custom brochures unlimited branding and experiential possibilities. Customizations include trifold designs, pocket folders for proposals, large 10″ screens, buttons to play different videos, video business cards, and many more. We design every component of the brochure, making the finished product uniquely yours.

    starting around $50+/unit

  • Portfolio

    Portfolios are branded, dedicated tablet devices running a custom brand application on Android OS, combining next generation sales tools with advanced tracking and analytics to take your branding and marketing experience to the next level.

    Contact us for cost estimate


We’ve seen sales conversions rise from 30% to 70% when implementing video brochures. For one client we worked with, recipients were so impressed that they kept them for over a year after receiving them! For brands seeking ingenious ways to make an impact and get their foot in the door, video brochures combine the power of digital and print to engage an audience.

Video Mailers & Brochures are…


Video Brochures can be loaded with multiple videos. Buttons on the brochures are pressed by the viewer to watch different videos.


Video Brochures have an internal 500mah battery that lasts for several months and can be recharged via the included USB cable.


Video Brochures can be reloaded with new and updated video content without requiring a reprint. It’s as easy as loading new videos onto a flash drive via the USB cable.


Video brochures deliver our videos in an way that reflects your brand as an innovative offering to a market. The ways in which these can be used endless: Highly-targeted marketing, Event invitations, Contract Proposals, Investor Pitches, Thank you cards, Press kits, Product announcements, Education and Training tools, Business cards, Video books, Video Mailers, Onsite Digital Signage, and more.

Six Frequently Asked Questions

How much do video brochures cost?

For full details, see our video brochure cost guide. Unit price will vary based on features and quantity ordered. The standard A5 size brochure with a 5 inch screen, 128MB memory size, and up to three buttons, starts at $25 per unit wholesale. This includes four color printing and shipping, but does NOT include print management or graphic design. As with any print order, options can be endlessly customized, so please reach out to us for a detailed quote.

How long does it take to print video brochures?

Generally, it may take 1-2 weeks from submitting completed graphic design to receipt. The manufacturer or client may load videos on the mailers after receipt.

How long does the battery last?

A 500mah battery is the standard option. This provides up to two hours of continuous playback, and brochures will last for several months without active use. 500mah is approximately 1/3 the battery capacity of the average smartphone. Each brochure comes with a standard USB cable for recharging.

What is the minimum order?

Video brochures can be ordered at a minimum of 10 units.

As their power lies in their innovative presentation and high value, we strongly encourage our clients to think of how they can be used to reach a limited number of high value prospects or customers. These are the prospects that lead to exponential growth.

How are the videos loaded?

Videos can be loaded via the USB port.

The brochure appears as an external flash drive on a computer, so you may change your videos, load up a personal greeting, or if you choose, have them loaded up at the manufacturer.

Do you sell these directly, or as a vendor?

Neither. We are an agency that specializes in creating incredible video content for innovative brands, and our clients have achieved incredible results using video brochures. We offer brochures as one of our methods of implementing video, and have built several relationships with vendors to source the brochures for our clients. VES Creative can fully manage the entire project by creating the strategy, video content, and graphic design to help our clients reach their dreams.

Interested in a demo?

We are happy to answer any questions that you may have on video mailers, brochures, or production. Our passion is to not only create marketing assets like this, but to create incredible video for the mailers themselves.