Uptime Fleet Services

Brand Film

The Challenge

UpTime Fleet Services, a fleet maintenance company in Chicago, offers outsourced emergency and maintenance services helping any company with a fleet keep their trucks on the road and avoid costly breakdowns and downtime.
The greatest challenge for their sales and marketing team was convincing prospects across several industries of the value of such services, most of whom had never even considered outsource maintenance before, as well as generating a better quantity and quality of leads from their website.

Our Solution

To begin, we needed to understand the mechanics of the several different industries UpTime served, from the moving industry, to individual fleet managers, to towing companies in Chicago. Our discoveries lead us to build an initial trust factor through short videos profiling representatives of each industry vertical.

Instead of branding UpTime by the features, we filmed valued customers across all industries speaking of the benefits of fleet maintenance. Each subject was filmed for one hour on location (or on locations that reflected the gritty Chicago nature of their business). They were edited into individual videos that profiled benefits specific to each industry, and one combined video that featured all subjects.

The Results

UpTime experienced both expected and unexpected benefits from implementation of the videos. The combined video featuring all subjects was embedded on their website for all to view. This resulted in an increase of time on page for UpTime of 36% and a 55% reduction in bounce rate (viewers immediately leaving the website).

In addition, UpTime Fleet Services experienced an incremental sales lift of 22% after their outside sales team began implementing videos as a part of the sales process. Because recognizable faces were used across industries, several sales were assisted by the prospect recognizing one of the people in the video- a result of investing the time before the shoot in choosing the subjects wisely! The owners of UpTime Fleet Services decided to exit the business quicker than originally planned. Unexpectedly, the videos played a positive role in helping find a more qualified buyer for the company by educating prospectives about the benefits offered by the service across a wide selection of industries.