JiffyDocs.com: What Lies Beyond

Brand Film

The Challenge

Timeshare Pro Plus+, owner of JiffyDocs.com, and an Orlando-based software development firm for the timeshare industry, needed to convince their potential partners that security of data was one of their top priorities. With large-scale customer data breaches in the news weekly, we needed to find a way to produce a strategy and deliver a completed brand film within ten days.

Our Solution

We crafted a concept that would serve as not only a standalone commercial but as an impactful, powerful greater concept that would serve as the opening to any presentation for the client. We needed to communicate a clear and definitive statement that shows that TPP stands for data security and doesn’t just pay lip service to it. In sixty seconds, we cover the TPP proposition: updating your process from the 1970s to today, to the unknown groups that attack companies for their customer information daily.

The Results

Following delivery and implementation, Timeshare Pro Plus+ was able to move upmarket in their space by convincing major prospective partners that they took security and trust seriously. We were able to help TPP+ convince these partners that they stood apart from the many other software firms out there and strengthened their brand perception. In addition, TPP+ was able to re-purpose this concept for a partner company by simply changing the logo and tagline in the endcap.