CCI Dimmaster

Brand Film


The Challenge

CCI Power Supplies needed to demonstrate for potential and existing customers a long-awaited breakthrough for LED Power Supplies. Designing a power supply that allows LED lights to function with the exact specifications of a traditional light allows lighting manufacturers to sell to theaters and other markets that demand a high-level of performance with traditional aesthetics and characteristics.

Our Solution

Instead of focusing on this single technology breakthrough, we created a creative concept that characterized the CCI brand as one that always seeks to overcome engineering and manufacturing challenges. Breakthrough technologies will always be commoditized, but the craft and skill behind the breakthrough will always move on to the next challenge. We want to leave the viewers with anticipation: if they can achieve this, then just wait to find out what we will do next.

The Results

Change first sentence to: Following delivery and implementation, CCI Power Supplies utilized this brand film as a lead-in to presentations and to take the new development to market. By placing this video along with associated white paper material on a USB thumb drive delivered to key contacts, CCI was able to secure introductions to trusted manufactures who ordinarily are very skeptical of supposed claims of breakthroughs from vendors. This video played a key role in establishing CCI as the leader in high-level power supplies for the LED lighting industry.