Dead Writers Theater

Brand Film

The Challenge

Tea With Edie & Fitz was an original play funded and produced by Dead Writers Theater Collective. Dead Writers (as their name suggests) produces stage theater that exclusively focuses on work by or about dead writers. Their work extensively captures the cultural zeitgeist of the Art Deco 1920’s Gilded Age. But how to communicate that, when the Chicago theater scene is crowded with stage work debuting weekly, with “name” theaters by well-known authors commanding most of the attention?

Our Solution

We produced this short brand film as a trailer for the show to help prospective ticket buyers & theater-goers understand and connect with the unique and original characters in Tea with Edie and Fitz. The concept was based on the original playwrights’ (Adam Pasen) creative traits of the characters, development, and the story.

The Results

This ability allows the partners at Dead Writers to use this film when raising donations and interest for future theater productions: a valuable asset in a tough donation economy for the arts.