Advanced Events

Brand Film

The Challenge

Advanced Events is an innovative company coordinating and producing events for businesses and brands. Their greatest challenge is their own brand perception- they needed to find a way to communicate their unique offering to prospects with brevity, while covering both the gamut of industries they work with and setting them far apart from their perceived contemporaries.

Our Solution

We sat down with the AE team and reviewed all sales material- website, brochures, case studies. We uncovered several insights to help narrow down and ultimately write a concise brand proposition that became the foundation for the video above. Across several interview subjects, this video defines AE as not just another event producer, but as an engagement agency that focuses on both the event today and the results tomorrow.

The Results

Advanced Events has implemented this video as a part of their brand strategy and helped them better pitch their services to both new and existing clients. Viewer quotes include praise for the level of passion shown by the video as well as compliments on the the way it clearly delivers their unique, but sometimes-difficult-to-communicate message, on who they are and what they offer to other innovative businesses and brands.