Is VES Creative a fit for you?

We have made a dedicated effort to best tailor our agency to help innovative companies grow and fit in between the full service agency and the production company. Our experience runs the gamut from Tech/IT, to Manufacturing, to Non-Profit sectors. With each and every client, we help in strategy, production, and implementation to use video help accelerate growth.

Since we aren’t the right fit for all projects, here are some criteria that will help you make a strong investment decision in your brand.

My offering is innovative

If you’re looking for a production company to just give you a marketing video, VES Creative probably isn’t the best fit. Our specialty lies in helping innovators desperate to rise above commoditization. They might have a brand new offering, or they may have been around for fifty years. But the thread that ties them together is a desire to stand far apart and bring new offerings to new markets. We help them open those doors and influence an audience.

I am ready to make next-level investments in my brand.

Given that our agency-style process is critical to returning investment, we are a great fit for high growth stage companies that don’t align culturally with a large agency, but require more than a couple of guys and a camera to shoot some talking head interviews.

We aren’t designing brands with a logo and colors. We don’t do name changes, focus groups, or rebrands. We are the evolution of branding. After your logo, fonts, colors, pictures, and website are (or at least mostly) in order, we produce incredible video assets that build upon your existing brand and bring it to a much higher level. We unleash the atomic power of a video campaign to help you permanently rise above contemporaries. Agency-level investments generally start at around $8,000 and can range up to six figures.

I am looking to grow- exponentially.

Virtually everyone is looking to grow. But what sets our clients apart is the desire to grow exponentially. Our clients are small and medium size businesses emotionally invested in their mission.

Our level of offering fits extremely well with clients that aren’t looking for thousands of new customers; they are looking to connect with “80 whales” in a market. Many times, these “whales” don’t even know that our client exists, or doesn’t see them as large or interesting enough to give them attention. Innovation combined with a next-level investments in a brand result in great potential for exponential growth.

Still interested?

Reach out to us and we will be happy to chat further.