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Jan 24 2017

At VES Creative, we have worked with many dentists to help them brand and market themselves through potent marketing strategy and incredible video production. Dentists and other specialists often have a unique challenge due to their market- in urban areas there often are so many dentists within such a small area- sometimes even within the same floor of the same building- that having a nice website and playing the Yelp game just isn’t enough. As with any service business, referrals are a great source of new business, but what can you do when you have a new service, office, or want to expand to keep up with the market?

Based on our experience in producing video and building brands for dental practices in Chicago, we offer four of our most useful ideas from our work at VES Creative in helping innovative dentists brand and grow their practice through video branding and marketing.
Water Tower Dental Care Invislign Video

Still from Water Tower Dental Care dental video


you must reflect upon three things


CERAC, Invisalign, Sirona, and others have all made concerted efforts to market their technology to the consumer. The average high-value dental buyer is at least aware of these technologies on some level, and will note dental practices that display this technology in their marketing. This allows practices to market with long-tail keyword optimization- or in other words- it strengthens the possibility of your practice coming up near the top on a Google search.

However, focusing on just the technology isn’t enough. Many dental practices finance a 3D Panoramic X-Ray- but how does your tech add to the unique dental experience you offer? The technology has gotten people to your website- now we must convince them that you don’t just offer the technology, but you understand why it is important to their dental experience, and why your practice is unique in that regard.


In dentistry, the cost of customer acquisition can be high, but so is the value of a long term customer and the referrals they bring in among family and friends. Marketing to people you already know is easy, you’re marketing for new services and audiences is a bigger challenge but a greater payoff.

For example, dental implants are a new and profitable opportunity for practices. Investing in marketing to new dental implant patients will insure that the long term value of a customer is greater than the cost of acquiring that customer, making it a winning investment every time.


Website background video is one of the quickest wins that you can find with your marketing. This technique presents a much more modern brand, keeps viewers on the website longer, cuts your bounce rates in half, and doesn’t require the website visitor to click anything to watch. Essentially, background video can double the effectiveness of your site! Website background video for dentists offers a highlight reel that can convey all your offerings in ten seconds or less. And best of all, if you’ve already invested in a video, delivering a background edit for the website is extremely easy and cost effective for an agency to deliver.

Video background in client website


Virtual reality (also known as 360 degree video) is the most honest form of marketing for dentists. An online viewer can choose to look anywhere they please. We have produced VR videos for those who benefit greatly from a tool that allows online visitors to step into their practice, take a look around, and get comfortable with the experience. Putting together a VR video is actually relatively easy to produce and implement, and can be used by the viewer as easily as Google Street View.


Many practice management softwares can generate a patient report defining your audience by age, family, and geographic area. This is a unique advantage to practices, as small businesses do not often keep this information at their fingertips, yet all medical providers must. As we sit in strategy with a dental practice, we like to have this report to start the discussion. With this information, we can discover gaps in an audience, maximize strengths, and deliver a brand that will connect with the very most profitable audience.

On the implementation side, we can help determine the most potent strategy for getting in front of your audience. Making sure that the people who can make a difference in the growth of your business see your marketing- and especially video!

Because we have defined your audience in strategy, we often align with a skilled media buyer to advertise online and serve it to your highly qualified audience. A media buyer offers the ability to target people based on age, income, family status, zip code, interests, and even whether or not they have purchased dental products within the past few months! Your videos or banners can be displayed to audiences on YouTube, CNN, ESPN, Hulu, and anywhere. A good media buyer can even target new residents in a geographic area, and offer a higher conversion rate and better value for the investment over traditional marketing implementation.


We have been happy to work with practices to generate significant growth in leads and new patients. View our case studies or reach out to us today to talk about the specific results of how we at VES Creative have used video marketing and branding to help innovative dental practices grow.

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