A production agency
helping innovative brands connect with audiences though authentic video

As a production agency, we bridge the gap between traditional full-service agencies, in-house creatives, and production companies

Think of us like a branding agency for video. We don’t just focus on crafting cinema, but how our work will be implemented to help innovative, fast-moving brands experience dramatic year over year increases in revenue, IPO windfalls, and reach new markets, audiences, and realize dreams.

We’re invested in several of our own video conversion platforms to help brands quickly and measurably implement video campaigns online- not in months, but today, raising conversions and ultimately revenue.

innovation in manufacturing

"VES Creative helped put us on another level as a small B2B manufacturer. They helped us find and sell what makes our company tick."


Terri Montatne
President, CCI Power Supplies

innovation in pathology

Just released!


innovation in car care

"VES Creative blew me away in all aspects from creation through production. The final product far exceeded any expectations and many have commented on how exceptionally well done it was…"

Dave Becker
President, WAC

innovation in cloud

"VES Creative was the firm to match our expectations and create the product we wanted."


Drew Lydecker
President, Avant Communications

Our original Process

We’re designed to work for innovative brands that need to move fast and deploy incredible, authentic video content that sets them apart. Our unique approach combines all of the value offered by both full-service agencies and production studios to be able to design, produce, and implement top-level brand video campaigns.


We don’t tell stories

We craft memorable brand characters


See how we've helped even more innovative brands connect with their audiences and expand their revenues, markets, and dreams.


Water Tower Dental

Brand Film

Lexus Hybrid

Brand Film


Brand Film

CCI Dimmaster

Brand Film

Microsoft Windows Phone

Brand Film

Karastan Smartstrand

Brand Film What Lies Beyond

Brand Film

Brand Film

Body Education

EO Chicago

Brand Film

Velocity Energy

Brand Film

Dead Writers Theater

Brand Film

Timeshare Pro Plus+

Brand Film

Enterprise Recovery Systems

Brand Film

Child Care Purchasing Alliance

Brand Film

Raue Center for the Arts

Brand Film


Our offices are located in the northwest suburbs in downtown Arlington Heights, one block south of the Arlington Heights Metra station